Who is “CorridorK.com”?

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CorridorK.com appears to be a road construction firm masquerading as a grassroots advocacy group.  As recently uncovered in the Hiwassee River Coalition WATR column (http://www.hrwc.net/watrcolumn_2013.jul23_12env.issues.htm), their address is exactly the same as Phillips & Jordan highway contractors (191 P&J Road, Robbinsville).  This firm worked the recent wash-out on N.C. 441 in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and operates a “fleet of over 850 heavy equipment vehicles,” its web site states.

In July 2013, they appeared before the Cherokee County Commission in Murphy, and attempted to extract a pro-build resolution from the Commission.  They also tried in June 2013, with very little public notice.  In July, the Commission appeared to be about equally split on pro- and against- Corridor K, and several commissioners expressed a desire to wait for the results of the Opt-In process.  The resolution did not pass.

They aren’t shy about extracting fees from businesses and local governments.  Their fees are $40 for individuals, $150 for businesses with 25 or more employees, $500 for 100-250 employees, and $1,000 for businesses  > 250 employees.  Ouch!

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