New TN Corridor K Environmental Impact Schedule

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TDOT is preparing its federally required draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) and they expect to release a draft in winter 2014. In September 2013, TDOT updated its schedule, indicating that the DEIS would first be circulated amongst the 7 state and federal agencies that must approve (“concur”) with TDOT’s plans.

NOW is a critical time for us. We need to let the public know about this project – about how it will destroy the solitude of Goforth Creek, about how it will impact the entire gorge and Cherokee forests and wilderness areas, about how it will cost much more than we can afford, and about how long it will take to be completed. Tell your friends, write letters to the editor, and get involved.

We need to be ready to refute the DEIS. After TDOT releases this critically important document, there will be opportunities for public input, e.g., meetings and comments on the DEIS. WaysSouth will continue to work to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard in this process and that TDOT thoroughly considers ALL possible alternatives, including improving the gorge.

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