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Corridor K History

Conceived in the mid-1960s by the Appalachian Regional Commission, Corridor K was originally designed to connect Asheville, North Carolina, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, and help relieve poverty and isolation in the region.

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Since that time, however, the completion of the Interstate Highway System and other highway projects have rendered the expansion of this destructive highway obsolete. Efficient transportation is readily available between Chattanooga and Asheville via I-40, to Atlanta by I-75, and to eastern port cities via I-20 and I-16 with no appreciable difference in time based on this proposed roadway.

The Corridor K project now is being sold to the public based upon the unfulfilled promise of prosperity offered by globalization. These outmoded highway plans need to be updated to protect the cultural and natural heritage of the region, while also providing good transportation designed for the twenty-first century.



Proposed Corridor K in Tennessee

A .pdf brochure about Corridor K and sound alternatives.

Corridor K and Common Sense

Frequently Asked Questions

Conservation Impacts of Corridor K

Corridor K Myths and Facts

The Corridor K Economic Development and Transportation Study (pdf) (a collaboration between the ARC (Appalachian Regional Commission) and SEIDA (South Eastern Industrial Development Association)

Economic Analysis of ARC/SEIDA study by Jon Jonakin, Professor of Economics, Tennessee Technological University (pdf)

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